Propane Personal Safety

Propane Personal Safety Manual

Techniques for Injury Prevention in the Propane Industry

PROPANE PERSONAL SAFETY: Techniques for Personal Injury Prevention in the Propane Industry is a comprehensive video based training program for all employees in your organization.  The program includes videos targeted at all levels of the organization and shows both why injury prevention is important and the specific best practices to enable propane marketers to teach and encourage the use of safe work performance.

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Program Components

Safety Management - The Key to Injury Prevention Video

An introduction to safety for owners, manager and supervisors that emphasizes the importance of incorporating safe work methods into daily tasks.

Safety - Make it Personal Video
An introduction to safety for propane industry workers that sends a message their personal safety is important to a successful and injury free career.

Techniques for Injury Prevention Video
This video demonstrates specific methods that minimize the stresses on the body including:

Personal Risk Assessments  
Entering and Exiting the Truck 
Body Mechanics 
Slips, Trips and Falls
Handling Cylinders 

Bonus Videos
Training scenario videos with specific information on safe handling of 420 cylinders, forklift cylinder deliveries, propane grill cylinder cage delivery and bulk propane delivery 

The CD-ROM includes a Student Manual on the Techniques for Injury Prevention and a PowerPoint presentation for use in the classroom. This program from the Propane Education & Research Council is available for $9 on the Propane MaRC.